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We are born in Puglia. It is in this land, kissed by the Mediterranean sun, that our olive groves are expressed in secular beauty. Is here that the olives give us “the green gold” of Puglia: the extra viergin olive oil.

Apulia is a distinctive feature that makes our products unique because they express a story rich about culture, tradition and quality conferred by the organoleptic characteristics that only this land can bear.

The Apulian extra virgin olive oil is an expression of the territory as the art that represents it.
We at Frantoio D’Erchie are passionate supporters of the Apulian craftsmanship and choose precious ceramic caskets for our oil; expression of Made in Puglia design widely recognized in the world.

Choosing our EVO oil means falling in love with a territory and bringing it to the table.

Puglia that expresses itself with olive oil is the bridge between a precious past and a future made of ardent faith in the commitment of those who continue to work with dedication this wonderful land.